M.O.M. has many interpretations, but it ultimately stands for Mind Over Matter. Mind over matter essentially means the use of willpower to overcome physical limitations. What is a mom? Mothers nurture, some mothers give birth, they help bring life into the world some don't or can't and that is okay, they overcome that. Your bond with your mother is unlike any other kind on the planet; if she carried you for nine months, and if not thats okay she's fed and clothed you, protected you, made you laugh, and loved you differently than anyone else ever could. We aspire to bring all of these ideas together. We want to give birth to innovative ideas. We want to love, protect, feed and make you laugh. We want to overcome. We are much more than just clothing. Soon, we will produce a wide range of content from music to film to photography and so on. (The thunderbolt) Electricity can symbolize a lot of things, an idea, Gods of all kinds. If the Gods Created everything, We were made in their image, than we can be closer to god by creating. 

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